Tournament Volunteers

Being a tournament volunteer is an awesome way to support all the kids involved in Destination Imagination!


DI is an entirely volunteer organization. Consequently, every team is required to provide one appraiser and one support volunteer to each tournament in which they compete.


DI Appraisers

Being an appraiser is a lot of fun, and appraisers often come back year after year after year. They not only get to see the kids, but they become friends with the other appraisers.


Appraisers are the judges. Appraisers work in teams of 3-5 adults. Each person is assigned one aspect of the challenge to evaluate. They will watch all of the teams competing in a certain challenge and then allocate points and provide feedback to each team.  Appraisers volunteer the full day of the tournament and may not be able to watch a specific team perform or compete. They also must attend a ½ day training. If you have special talents or interests in a specific challenge (i.e. fine arts, engineering, technology, science, etc.), please let us know and we will do our best to place you in that challenge.


Watch this 1 ½ minute video to see what being an appraiser is all about with:



DI Support Volunteers

Support volunteers are typically parents. They serve a two hour shift on tournament day. Tasks include selling concessions, managing the DI shop, hanging signs, managing registration, directing traffic in the parking lot, overseeing prop storage, etc. The volunteers will be able to sign-up for a specific shift and will be able to schedule their volunteer work around their child’s performance so that they can still see their child(ren) perform.