Tournament Logistics

As the tournament nears, this page will contain information for team managers regarding registration, etc.!

Can we have three collapsible headings on top: General Logistics, EL-Specific, RS-Specific


Tournament day is finally here! This is the moment we’ve been working towards all year.


Things to remember:

  • The tournament is on a very tight schedule. They start exactly on time and do not allow anyone in the room once the time block begins. Please make sure all parents/visitors/team members know that they will not be allowed in the room if they are late.
  • Plan out when the team will arrive, when they will eat/bathroom, etc. May want to bring snacks (water, granola bars, etc.)
  • Make sure the tournament intake forms are filled out as well as the declaration of independence.
  • Make sure all items (costumes, props, sign, set pieces, etc) make it to the tournament.
  • Bring a repair kit in case something breaks in transit: duct tape, scissors, glue, extra supplies, safety pins, string, etc.
  • Assign each prop to a specific individual who will be responsible for bringing the item into the room.
  • Discuss if photos and video are allowed
  • Come up with a little cheer or something to do while waiting in the hallway for your turn to begin
  • Make sure the parents know that they are responsible for the child. The TM is not responsible for the kids at the tournament.
  • Remind kids of good audience behavior for when they are watching other teams’ performances
  • TM will need to check the team in when they arrive at the school.
  • Afterwards, at least one team member will need to escort the TM to go receive the scores. They will not release scores to the adult; scores and feedback are given directly to the team.
  • The tournament is really a celebration of all the hard work the kids have put in this year and an opportunity to showcase their creations to their loved ones.