How to Volunteer for DI?

DI is entirely run by volunteers. That means that if your kid is in DI, then you are in DI!

But good news! – There are so many ways to volunteer for DI.

  1. Team Manager (parent leader)
  2. School Coordinator
  3. Tournament Support Volunteer
  4. Tournament Appraiser
  5. Host your team’s end-of-year celebration
  6. Teach a skill workshop
  7. General support to the Team Managers (gather materials, bring snack, host social gatherings, come help out at meetings, etc.)


The main way is to be a Team Manager (TM). These are the parents who runs the team and works with the kids on a weekly basis. Every team needs two TMs. 


Every school needs a DI School Coordinator. The school coordinator collects the registration forms, collects money, helps recruit TMs, and matches kids onto teams. All of this takes place in September and October.  The School Coordinator is also responsible for ordering the t-shirts that the kids wear to the tournament.

On tournament day, each team has to provide two tournament volunteers:

  1. A Support Volunteer: This person will serve a 2-3 hr shift at the tournament, and it can be scheduled around your child’s performance. These jobs include selling concessions, directing people in the parking lot, working the DI store, protecting props, etc.
  2. Be an Appraiser: Appraisers are the judges. You get to watch the teams perform and will award points to each team. You will work with a team of approximately 5 people to determine which teams will move on to the state tournament. This is a highly entertaining role, and most people really enjoy it. It does require attending a 1/2 day training (Feb) as well as working a full-day on the day of the tournament (March).


In addition to the formal roles, there are lots of other ways to help:

  1. Offer to teach a skill building workshop (teach building, how to use tools, how to sew, budgeting or planning, etc.)
  2. Offer to take kids on a shopping trip or field trip (for research or creative inspiration)
  3. Offer to host your team’s end-of-year celebration
  4. Bring snacks
  5. Offer to show up and help at a meeting once in a while
  6. Do anything else your TM might ask you to do. 🙂


DI is an amazing program and the kids will gain so much from doing it, but it also takes a lot of work to make it happen. Please be as helpful as you can be. Many hands make for light work.

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