What is Culture? – Rising Stars Skill Building

The Friends Everywhere challenge for Rising Stars is all about culture. Most of our kids won’t know what “culture” means.

Please do a skill building session with the kids about what is culture. Do NOT do this on the same day that you introduce the challenge. Teach about culture in general one session. Introduce the challenge on a different session.

Here is one example of how to explain culture to K-2nd groups:


  1. Ask the kids if they have ever heard the team culture. Ask them what they think it means. Record every single thing they say no whether or not it makes sense. Then look up the definition of culture. Then go back to your list. Go through each item. As a team, decide which of the items they had actually are part of culture and circle them. Cross out anything that is not part of culture.
  2. Show them books about culture. Have them flip through and look at the pictures. Then see if they have anything to add to their “culture list.”
  3. Read them a story that shows a child from a different culture. Discuss how that child’s culture differs from their own. Add items to their culture list.
  4. Ask the kids to list all the different types of cultures. They will come up with different countries. But also ask them about different cultures in our own country. They may list states. They may discuss city vs country vs suburb. They may list the culture of their preschool vs their elementary school vs middle school. They may discuss different religions. All of these are acceptable cultures.
  5. Give the kids home word to talk with their parents about what countries/cultures their families came from. Have the kids come back and share.
  6. (If possible) Invite someone (parent/babysitter/neighbor) to come talk to the kids about their culture.
  7. Reference movies or stories that take place in various cultures. Moana = Polynesian. Ratatouille = French. City Mouse Country Mouse. Elf (North Pole vs NYC); Annie (Orphange vs Daddy Warbucks).


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