Tips For The Team Story

First of all, remember that your story doesn’t have to be written by the whole group. Although, it should be brainstormed by the whole group. The story is such an integral part of the skit, you want everyone on board with the basic outline.

You should have an outline of your story BEFORE winter break. This allows students to sew costumes, work on the script, work on their structure, plan, etc. over the winter holiday if they so choose. This also means that you can start building as soon as you return from break in January.

Be prepared to modify or edit your story as you go. It will not stay the same and that is perfect! Stay flexible.


Adjust the story…

-To make it more interesting

-To incorporate a cool prop/costume you made

-To work around a problem with set/prop/etc.

-To fit within or expand to fill up the time limit

-Add humor (judges like this)

-Add music or dancing (judges like this)

-Figure out ways to earn more points (aka better meet the requirements of the challenge)

-Better align with the theme or the central story (worth a lot of points)

-Make sure it has a clearly defined beginning, middle, and (so clear that the appraisers can’t miss it)


READ THE CHALLENGE VERY CLOSELY – EVERY WORD MATTERS! The appraisers will follow the rules exactly. Make sure your story is meeting the requirements exactly as they are written, or you won’t get full points for that item.



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