I got my list of kids. Now what? What is my first step?

  1. Once you receive your list of team members, the first thing you need to do is send out an introductory email.
    • Introduce yourself as the TM.
    • Suggest a meeting time(s) that works for you. Do not recommend a time that doesn’t work for you! 
  2. Set the day, time, and meeting location of your team meetings.
  3. Determine the date of your first team meeting.
  4. Email the these important details to your coordinator:
    • Day of week
    • Starting time
    • Location
    • Date of first meeting
  5. Contact your coordinator right away if there are any changes to your team (kid adds or kid drops out) or if there are any scheduling challenges.
  6. Then plan your first meeting and get ready to DI!


Parent Meeting:

As long as your parents attended one of the Interference Parent Meetings that I hosted at McKenzie, you do not need to conduct a parent meeting (it is already done). However, you are more than welcome to host one if you think it would be beneficial for your team (See Roadmap pg. 22).

If one of your kids’ parents did not attend the meeting, you will have to educate them on Interference and update them to the workings of DI (that it is a volunteer organization and that they may need to help on tournament day as well as throughout the season).

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