First Meeting: What Do I Do?

Yea! You are about to have your first meeting. A few things to remember…

  1. The goal of the first meeting is team bonding and to get the kids comfortable with each other.
    • Make sure everyone knows each other’s names, as well as a few things about each other (i.e. have them spoon out some M&Ms – for every M&M they grab, they have to share one thing about themselves).
    • Create an experience that will help unite the team (bowling, exploding a watermelon, or charades, etc.)
    • Start with easy (less embarrassing/less touching… i.e. name crossword) and move towards activities that require more comfort with the group (closer proximity like the Human Knot or more risky things like mimic animals using sound and body motions).
    • Include some play time (kids make friends through play; include a team play date early in the DI season to help the team bond and form relationships with each other)
  2. If it is the kids’ first year in DI, you will need to introduce DI. Show them some pictures and videos (see the “What is DI” page).
  3. Do an Instant Challenge (IC); prepare enough materials to do the IC 2 or 3 times.

That’s enough for Day 1!

You may also check out the First Meeting Agendas in the TM Training Handouts/Slides or on pg. 23 of the Roadmap.


Things Not To Do on the First Meeting:

  • Do not pick your team name
  • Do not pick your team challenge
  • You may not even want to do your team rules

The first meeting is about bonding and having fun together. It is best to avoid contentious topics. You can dig into those on the 2nd or 3rd meeting.

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